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Autor:  Gasket [ 07 Jun 2016, 07:30 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Earlier I've managed to pick up a copy of standard 128 factory manual:



That pretty much covers the whole car to the very smallest detail.

If anyone happens to see something like this for a SE or iava, get it, and I'll buy it of your hands for good money. Doesn't matter in what language.

The couple pages I posted earlier are from a Sport Coupe manual. That is the most powerfull we have in Europe. I don't have the full manual, just the few key pages.

Autor:  babelhoo [ 08 Jun 2016, 11:06 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

I see, it seems a harder to get item! I'll check around. There is a old car jumble on october where it's possible to find this kind of stuff, unfortunately it's too early yet for that. I'll ask a mechanic friend if he knows where it might be available.

Autor:  Gasket [ 08 Jun 2016, 12:15 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Yep, those have been handed out only to importers and official dealers originally. More of those around for normal models, not so much for the more special ones.

But it isn't said anywhere what documents I can use. Just that those have to be reliable. The inspection engineer decides what is reliable and what is not. So it also depends a lot on the engineer. I've spoken to fellow enthusiasts to find an inspection place that understands and serves us enthusiasts. Some don't want to inspect any modifications at all, because it takes more time and doesn't make as much money as normal annual inspections. Around here every car has to be checked every year. Takes about 20 minutes and is about 70..80 EUR. Inspecting an engine change is about 120..140 EUR and might take 2..3 hours with all the paperwork.

Eventually this all boils down to the fact if the ministry of transport accepts the non-European or non-US models at all. I might very well just get a no, no matter what documents I have. I have inquired this and was promised to get an answer of some kind in about 5 work days.. The law says that it just has to be meant for public traffic, but the ministry has decided that it has to be Europe or US, I can't understand why. It has been argued if the ministry has the right to make such a decision, but so far that has been how it is.

I have gathered a pretty good amount of information and I think I'll go and talk to an inspector when I have the time. At least now I know an inspector that has a 127 with 1,6 TC turbo. With less than 90 hp :lol: In that case its the 127 1300 GT with 75 hp, so that leads to 1,2x75 = 90 hp.

That is possible because changing the head is considered an engine change and the power goes in relation to engine capacity. So the head of a Fiat Croma CHT (90 hp 2 l) on a 1,6 l block is a 72 hp engine ;) Boost that and you have a credible 90 hp. Or maybe a bit more in real life... Does this make any sense or not is for everyone to figure out..

Just fuel lines, drive shafts and setting the ignition and I can turn the key of the Panorama, so these are exciting times for me.

Autor:  Gasket [ 08 Jun 2016, 15:41 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Does anyone know anyone from the Classic Fiat Club of Argentina?

Could someone please note someone to contact me? Just that I would have a contact with someone? I do speak a bit of of spanish, or castellaño to be more precise, so either language is ok. But I prefer English. I can be contacted at Surely someone knows someone.

Just in case they have a document libarary, I would be very pleased.

Autor:  Gasket [ 27 Jun 2016, 08:30 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

I've gotten my hands on this:



That covers the Super Europa, but only has the 82 hp IAVA :cry:

If I only could find one with the 102 hp IAVA as well, then I would be well prepared.

Suprisingly I haven't heard anything from the Ministry of Transport :lol:

The Panorama has already run. I'm working on the coolant lines now, have to redesign those a bit. Exhaust is also under way and throttle linkage is still missing. But at least it runs!

Autor:  babelhoo [ 28 Jun 2016, 22:08 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

It's weird that the IAVA 128 is mentioned in the cover (as I see the book is about the 128 in general, not a specific version like the Europa) but there is no tech sheet in the interior! There is no page like the one you posted for models other than the Super Europa?

Autor:  Gasket [ 29 Jun 2016, 02:12 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Yes there is a similar page for other models as well. But the only IAVA in the book is a 82 hp version. The whole manual is about 160 pages, so I just picked a couple.

I have some data about the 100 hp IAVA, so I'll give it a try if that manual + my extra info would be enough.

Afterall that 2 hp is not that important. What I am aiming for is the 1,74 Pratola Serra engine. With the Super Europa 1500 and 100 hp IAVA I can install a motor up to 1872 cc and 120 hp. So the 113..115 hp versions of the modular engine fit nicely inside those limits.

I have printed a pile of paper and I'll try to go and have a chat with an inspection engineer later this week.

Autor:  babelhoo [ 29 Jun 2016, 22:22 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Good luck and tell us later how it worked for you with Ministry of Transport.

Autor:  Gasket [ 30 Jun 2016, 02:48 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

Thanks. I'll let you know what happens. I spoke to an acquaintance of mine, who has a 128 with a 1500 engine. From him they had demanded original manual from the same year as the engine. So no printed copies were allowed. He had a 1985 manual, but that wasn't good since he had fitted a 1987 engine. Bullshit. That is the problem since there are no clear rules and if the engineer doesn't like your face or just happens to have a bad day he can demand just about anything. But luckily if you don't like the engineer, just find another.

Last night:

Fueling is way off and no exhaust of any kind. But it runs and the cooling system seems to work okok

Have to get a new battery. That one is only good for a few starts at a time.

Doesn't have an exhaust of any kind mounted yet, thats why it sounds like that.

Autor:  Gasket [ 01 Ago 2016, 14:17 ]
Asunto:  Re: Help wanted

The helmet was there just to mount the camera somewhere..

Sorry that I haven't been around for a while.

I spoke to an inspection engineer and he didn't approve of the SE or IAVA. Not that big of a deal, since the current motor can be inspected with the Sport Coupe as the comparison so I didn't want to start an argue.

I'd need proof that the SE and IAVA has been exported to the US. Even so, its not sure if it would pass as those are not in the system. Freaking bureaucrats.. The law has nothing to do with how the MOT interprets it.

After the frost plug shot off I fixed it and took the car to Bella Italia event. On our way back the multi groove pulley dropped. Found the pulley, but not the nut. Did a quick fix with a zip tie. This was about 250 km from home. Drove carefully about 50 km to a friends garage and got a new nut. After that drove back home, but the engine timing jumped a bit and I reset that at the side of the road. 3rd and 4th intake valves touched the pistons a bit, so I took the head off. Valves were ok, but I took head to a professional as it was off. Keen to see what can be done to it.

It was kind of nice to be at the side of the road with about 20 Ferraris and Maseratis taking off at the Bella Italia with full throttle! Damn those robot gearbox upshifts are nice! And those were passing us at about a few meters away!

The Panorama will be back together soon with hopefully a bit more power. It does have a lot now already, but more is better :D

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